Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Goa Overview

We had crossed off a bunch of the itinerary from Goa to not be completely insane. It was now down to Varanasi, Rishikesh and we would briefly hit Pushkar and Udaipur on the way back down. That is already too much.

I had hated bailing on Hampi that was so close to were we had been in Goa.
But Indians have a saying about Goa. Something like "Take it easy Goa man" It's actually a condescending phrase as people from Goa are considered lazy. I don't know if that's true but they for sure have a nicer life than most in the country and contrary to what I was told about the beaches being dirty and locals not using them for recreation...and to not eat anything that was not cooked etc...
I don't know what happened but we had more fresh salads and fruit then anywhere I've ever been and the Goans were doing a hell of a lot of swimming, boogie boarding and some surfing.
Where we were was perfect.

Goan man didn't take it easy, but we did...and we didn't want to move. We had our killer yoga teacher (and by this I mean he was almost killing us everyday), massages, a Royal Enfield or a scooter to drive, the quiet village of Agonda Beach and some cool friends we met hangin' out there.

We met a wild Irishman who had lived there 12 years and had built a really cool house. He had hilarious tales of the experience of an expat trying to shuffle through the bureaucracy of India and getting anything done. There's a book; Don't Stop the Carnival that everyone should read who is considering becoming an expat anywhere. He made the book seem tame. Coincidently, he was also doing sculpture and setting up a whole bronze casting thing.
We now have reasons to go back to Goa.

Is that song still playing?

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