Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Boogie boarding in Varanasi

Another reason to ease into India. Varanasi is coming and I want to have some India "legs" before we hit max Shiva energy.

I also had a weird dream in Goa about Varanasi. I wasn't asleep exactly...I was just nodding off like in an opiated dream and had this disturbing vision of boogie boarding (like from earlier in the day?)... but I was boogie boarding in Varanasi, in the sludge of the Ganges headed for the steps of a Ghat. Blahhh, amongst the bodies......ugh.

That had me a bit shaken..... I hadn't been to Varanasi to be able to see it so accurately...
And I didn't want any prophetic bullshit thoughts about this... I'd hate to think what that could mean.

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