Saturday, March 1, 2008



Room with a hotel.

Oh Lord, please let this yoga teacher not bend me in two..... Yoga on the temple

Y'know that classic sound that is on every on every classic India movie? Like at dawn...its that a cross between a clarinet, a bagpipe and a violin? Y'know? Y'know that sound. waaaaa-aah-aaaaaaaaah. Well that sound goes off , amplified through some public adress system in Pushkar at 4am every morning which is kind of cool but it's followed at 4:15 by some god aweful $#%@!! drumming.

They also love these horrible brass bands and it was wedding season now. so mucho weddings. You'd be driving your motorcycle through town and then run into a wedding blocking the streets'd turn off down one lane [vrrom vroom] and then through another, and then through a little tunnel and then down a stairway and... plop... come out behind it and continue on our way. Oh yeaaaa....we were getting goooooood...James Bond.

And by the bye...speaking of weddings. I forgot.... but in Varanasi? One night....lost, a procession came out of nowhere which was really weird as it was really late and albeit a total relief because it was getting really creepy and all of a sudden it went to celebratory....with lights and dancing and a horrible brass band....but first, leading the way, comes a huge generator all decorated, being pushed on a cart with a thick distro cable coming out of it that powered the whole procession. Everyone wore these big headresses made up of regular industrial flourecent tubes and 100V lightbulbs. Here was probably 220 or 120 volts of distro going from dancer to dancer with these big head's wild...and really crazy as just a little puddle, a little rain, no grounding and...I hate to think...procession to literally visit Shiva?

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