Saturday, March 1, 2008


Its crazy driving in India. You have to always pay attention. I mean every nanosecond. There is no casual driving or cruising here. Its a white knuckles game. For example, many times there will be two oncoming trucks trying to pass, taking up the whole road. If they have miscalculated, which is much of the times, it's a forgone conclusion that anything coming their way will have to pull off the road...but everyone has to be paying strict attention to the game to do this when it's needed. If asses goodbye.

It seems India would have produced some good race car least for the demolition derby.

I would try to drive the motorcycle with my headlight on even in the daylight as we do in the states to additionally help be seen. But people here attempt to save their headlights from "wearing out" and at such lengths that you'll even pass people at night driving with their lights off. Everytime I would try to drive with mine on in the daylight, everyone walking or driving by would frantically wave or yell that my lights were they'd never seen such thing.

Like Lynne's big straw sun hat. Women must never wear such a thing.

We'd drive through these little villages and people would almost fall out of their seats and point and yell out the alarm "WHOOoaaahgh...HAT...HAAAAAAT!"
It was either HAAAAAT or LIIIIIIIIIIGHtttt.

Totally whacked.

And on to School.....
Our friends Patrick and Shahla had come back home to Rishikesh and we were to go by in the morning and see the school they had started. For the past six years, they have been teaching poor kids English, computer skills, math, art and music among other things.
Patrick was even showing some how to DJ and we had a jam session for the kids. One of the kids asked me to show him some guitar kicks. He told me his favorite band was Linkin Park.
Linkin Park????
Oh the Internet....I dunno.... should a poor street kid in Rishikesh have Linkin Park as his favorite music?

The kids were so social and sooooo smart.

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