Saturday, March 1, 2008

India overview

We never made it back to Mumbai in time to make up for the lost day to get to Ganeshburi which was a shame but it was a wicked cool trip. In the end we were only in southern Goa, Varanaisi, Rishikesh, Pushkar and Udaipur. We never saw the Taj Mahal although we were near (I hear Agra sucks but the Taj is worth it), never made it to Kerala, Hampi or Elora but ...

it was all still perfect.

We also never got sick and I ate more fresh salads, fruit and banana lassis then anywhere I've been. Because we were on the trail of guru hopping, quasi hippie, yoga, aeruvedic health and spiritual concious tourists, all the popular restaurants in these places are all now rinsing their veggies in hydrogen peroxide or the like. India has probably changed in many ways the last couple of years.

I also found a guru I went back to see 3 times. Prem Baba...a Brazilian that I could not even understand.

We did yoga everywhere we went and he yoga teachers were all great...very traditional and slow Hatha but you'd wake up sore every morning wondering why.

And not one mosquito bothered me until we got back in the plane in Mumbai to the States where they seemed to be taking a load back with them. And since by that time I had stopped taking the $300 malaria pills, I am now wondering if I shall get Malaria from this US airlines.

And if I go back to India...its probably going to be to the far north, like Kashmir, Leh or........

back to Goa.

Thanks for the look see.
I'm gonna play the song one more time.

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