Friday, March 7, 2008


Did you click to the right on "Ain't Goin to Goa"? Is it playin'?

Many people told us it was a bit of a waste to go to Goa...go to India to go to the beach? What?...did we want to go party? If we wanted beach, why not go to Mexico or something and parties are almost constant in San Francisco, no need to go to India for that.
Their points were all well taken, but we also wanted a vacation on top cultural experiences and wanted to ease into India. My hardcore on-the-road traveler days are a bit over. Besides we were canceling Kerala which was the main place we had planned to go, so Goa was a compromise, killing many birds with one stone. Plus as artists sculptors, I thought Hampi would be a great place for us to visit and Goa was one of the jumping off points for getting there.
In the end...well.....I cannot be one to ever attest to how uncool going to Goa is. All I can say is;
don't go to Goa then.
The following photos should convince anyone to not go there.

"How much? for your women? How much for the Karnataka women?"
They're the gypsy women and of very trippy dress.

Our neighbor and resident philosopher - Phillip

The village........ a southern secret
for maybe a minute longer.

Oh help....[yawn]...... help...... get me out of here.........

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